Tales in flames

Jupiterpassion dances for music videos as well as at events as a solo performer with
Fire poi, Fire fans, Magic wand and Fire palms or also as part of a team of dancers.
Upon request shows can also be altered to cater for indoor events with glow equipment.
Contact us for a quote with your special requests.

To get an idea of work Jupiterpassion has done in the past please have a look at the videos below:


Shambolic Sideshow are performing at Brighton Fringe this year. Enter into "A Furry Tale", come along with us and we will show you a very different faery story to the ones you remember as a child.

Take one maligned Wolf, one rather arrogrant Prince Charming and some naughty damsels. Open up our story book and accompany Wolf on his journey. A "Tail" filled with fire, magic, circus, flying faeries....and Bollywood Dancing Dwarfs!!

"A Furry Tale" is a show filled with enchantment, love, original songs and
dancing. Watch us weave the story with aerial, fire, hoops, poi, fans, swords, wand and staff. Jupiterpassion will feature as a dwarf, a mischievous fairy and the golden witch.

Jupiterpassion being interviewed by  Soundadvice UK

Jupiterpassion features as a dancer in this music video for Astrid Williamson

Astrid Williamson's beautiful Single 'Dance' and Video Credit  Novifilms

Outtakes from Astrid Williamsons single 'Dance'

Jupiterpassion with Firepalms and Levistick in this video for 'The Empiricist'

Touching single 'Dreaming'  by The Empiricist video credit to M. Salisbury

Dancing with poi in Preston Park

A video by Novifilms. Jupiterpassion as part of the Poipassion Dance-Troupe

Featuring Poipassion and Video credit to Novifilms

 Dancing with Fans in Preston Park

 Another Poi Performance

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